The School Directors

Susana Miller is a key character in today's tango milonguero. Her work as a teacher has shaped tango as we know it now, not only in Buenos Aires, but also around the world. Teacher of teachers, she has worked with most of the renowned milonguero teachers and is constantly training new generations of professional instructors. Click here to read a short note from Susana...

María Plazaola
started to dance tango with Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel in 1993. She has worked as a teacher at the Universidad del Tango de Buenos Aires and since March 2001 has shared the directorship of La Academia with Susana Miller. She danced professionally with Carlos Gavito, with whom she performed and taught workshops in Buenos Aires, as well as on tours in Europe, Japan and Russia. Maria studied anthropology and her work in tango is characterized by research and teaching of the milonguero language.

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